British press say Ferrari driver has potentially thrown away the 2017 title.

Sebastian Vettel’s extraordinary piece of recklessness triggered a potentially-pivotal turning point in the title race, according to Fleet Street.

Vettel crashed out of Sunday’s Singapore GP after a ruinous collision with Ferrari team-mate Kimi Raikkonen and the Red Bull of Max Verstappen at the first corner.

Lewis Hamilton’s subsequent victory leaves the Mercedes driver 28 points clear in the standings with six races remaining.

‘For one so calculated, Sebastian Vettel threw the Singapore GP away with an extraordinary piece of recklessness,’ summarized The Daily Telegraph’s Oliver Brown.

The Guardian’s Giles Richards concurred with that assessment, writing that the crash was investigated after the race by the stewards and adjudged to be a racing incident, with no further action to be taken.

In The Daily Mail, Jonathan McEvoy added that there was no one to blame for the crash, insisting that the stewards found nobody was wholly or predominantly culpable, and that seemed fair. But if anyone was a touch more responsible than anyone else it seemed to be Vettel. (more…)



Sebastian Vettel, team driver for Scuderia Ferrari did not hesitate to accept when given the opportunity to drive on both days of the F1 test in Bahrain.

Vettel is looking to maintain his fine form over Mercedes and he believes the way to do that is to keep driving.

The German is of the notion that in each and every lap he makes in the Ferrari SF70H, there is always something to be learnt. The team is looking to position itself as the major contender for the F1 world championship this year.

They would be looking to add to their two wins out of three so far and Vettel will hope to be the man who achieves that. Where Ferrari doesn’t clinch the crown in this year, it could as well make it a full decade since the team’s last title win.

However, Vettel has been able to get the Scuderia off to a marvelous start as from three races, he has won two. Each wins were against Mercedes and from losing positions as well. (more…)

Vettel And The Ferrari Team

Vettel And The Ferrari Team

Vettel definitely has a lot of pressure to live up to as he would be leading the Ferrari team in the upcoming Australian Grand Prix.

There are more reasons that his performance would be in the limelight, one being that Ferrari has launched a new model for 2017 and all eyes would be on the Ferrari car and how well it performs in the maiden race. It is also a bid by Ferrari to get back in the competitive game after being in the back for a decade now. It might be a coincidence or not that Ferrari is celebrating their seventieth anniversary celebrations this year.

Sebastian has to face a lot of doubts about Ferrari’s performance on the circuit. He is staying adamant against all doubts and states that he would do his best to win titles for Ferrari. (more…)



Four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel remains confident that more titles is certain for him at ferrari, despite a rough spell at Maranello since he arrived in 2015.

He strongly opined that the team had a promising year ahead.

“I guess it’s a question of time”, he said when asked if he felt that he would be champion again in the future. Obviously, it was a big step when I decided to change at the time when I did,” he said.

“It was clear that it would take some time, but we had a great season in 2015, we got closer and closer to Mercedes, the hopes and expectations for 2016 were high,” he added.

Going on, he admitted that the season ultimately hadn’t gone as well as he had hoped. Ferrari failed to record a single race victory last year with either Vettel or his team mate Kimi Raikkonen. (more…)



During the practice three session for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix this Sunday, SebastianVettel produced a shock result, topping the session from Max Verstappen and KimiRaikkonen.

Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes team mate, NicoRosberg, who are both favorites for the title had been topping the session after their qualifying simulations on the ultrasofts.

However, after the others bolted off on another set of new tyres marked in purple colors, a lot of time became available causing Vettel to advance and top the session.

As the chequered flag fell, Vettel came off a tenth clear over Verstappen and about three tenths quicker than Hamilton

“I think that is an impressive time from Vettel, we know he is good around this track, it is a typical kind of Vettel track,”Anthony Davidson who was on commentary duty had said.

Rosberg and Hamilton are in the forefront for the world title and by now, Hamilton should know that he really needs a win if he is to overhaul the 12 point lead held by Rosberg. However, that may not be enough, especially if Rosberg finishes amongst the top three in the race. (more…)

Sebastian Vettel And Pirelli

Sebastian Vettel And Pirelli

The F1 drivers are not only the faces of their teams on the track, but the ones who help introduce new parts and components in racing cars and help companies model accessories for automobiles that make a difference on the tracks.

One such recent instance could be cited about Sebastian Vettel. Pirelli has launched wider tyres that are being tried out by this celebrated driver for the upcoming race events. The tyres that are being launched by Pirelli offer certain advantages for the mud covered tracks that would be marred and made slippery by the rains. For these track conditions the company has come up with a wider tyre design.

Pirelli has sought out Vettel’s help in testing out the new tyres. These are being designed to comply with the changed rules of F1 that would become applicable from 2017.

Sebastian Vettel Talks About Crash Incident In Chinese Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel Talks About Crash Incident In Chinese Grand Prix

The Chinese Grand Prix was not without incident for Sebastian Vettel.

The clash with Daniil Kvyat that occurred on the first lap is being rumored to be many things. However, Sebastian feels that it was an outcome of the race and nothing more. Vettel was initially furious with his opponent Kvyat. Due to the latter driving down the inside around the first corner of the Shanghai track, Vettel was unable to go ahead. As a result, Vettel took the stance of avoiding action and he instead hit on Kimi Raikkonen who was his team mate in the Ferrari team.

The clash made him furious at that time and he did vet it out on Kvyat. However, today Vettel states that it is an incident that is normal in races and at the end it boils down to just that. For Kvyat it was probably the best line to take though it ended up not being great for Kimi and me. He stated that emotions run high when you are racing. Hence, it was natural for him to react though Kvyat probably did not anticipate the effect his action would have on the others

Vettel is surprised to hear that many are still talking about the incident. The incident had taken place about two weeks ago, and hence that it is still a topic being discussed has surprised Vettel. He stated that whatever he said was due to the emotions that arose at that moment. He was oblivious to that fact that it was on camera, but that does not change anything. He would not want to change anything as reactions are natural when crashes happen on the racing tracks. However, he did appear to have regretted coming down hard on Kvyat as they are good friends off the track.