17 thoughts on “A lap of India’s F1 track with Sebastian Vettel

  1. A person is identified by it’s existance..
    India invests a vast pile of money for it’s army & defence to protect its existance & perimeter

    No One is dyin of hunger in India
    & stastics say Indians are the most educated race across the world..

    So now you can fuck yourself pakistani bitch

  2. The real problem with the Pakis..is that..they want to compete with India in every sentence they say..but the reality is infront of you…:) Dream onnnnnnnnn loosers :) cheers

  3. Bloody Pakis…it will take them not less than a zillion years to host such a race…ROFL

  4. You do realize the idiot that you are, you saw the video about a videogame featuring one of 20 tracks in the world that brought in billions of dollars of investments into the hosting countries along employment and more input in terms of taxes,F1 tickets begin at 30K and along with other fee’s investments made by teams and sponsors more than 25% of which is Tax going into welfare and development projects by private companies like Jaypee who built the track(built it with private funds mind you!)

  5. U porky begger’s where do u get the numbers like that..u see what happens if u go to madrasa schools..u r cntry is pathetic & ur poverty is the largest in asia & bangladesh is better off than ur cntry in all respect..& let me remind u ur cntry will not host such things for 100’s yr from now. If that cntry stay’s in one.It seems porkistan will not hold togeather maybe 5yrs from now BALUCH will get Independence & u beggers will be begging indians to get water food etc..that pathetic ur.


    you are talking about poverty?
    first go feed your country bitch or beg from china , USA..beggers

  7. Indians r stupid.give smile on poor’s face who r not so far from your door steps.such a big butt leaders of a big country wasting money for nothing.

  8. India should concentrate to eradicate poverty first and then start wasting money for such things. World knows that 75% Indian do not have their own houses and they sleep mainly on foot paths and public parks. I am and whole world laughing after watching this f1 race and imagining the faces of those indians who can’t even get one time meal to eradicate their family hungur.
    Nice work India, keep it up!

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