Alonso admits Sebastian Vettel is the best

Alonso admits Sebastian Vettel is the best

Spanish driver Fernando Alonso has admitted that three time Drivers’ World Champion Sebastian Vettel is the man who is standing between him and another Drivers’ Championship title at the end of the season, backtracking on comments he made last year when he stated that designer Adrian Newey was the man who was leading Red Bull Racing’s charge towards the title.

Many industry experts saw the comments that the Spaniard made last year as a poke at the German who, in spite having won three Drivers’ Championship title in the last three years, continues to have doubts over his ability in overall aspects of the sport. Speaking to a German magazine, the former Renault driver stated that at this moment, he is fighting against Sebastian to become the world champion.

He went on to add that he had stated towards the end of last season that he was no longer fighting for the title against just Mark Webber or Sebastian Vettel but against what seemed to be an aero plane, such was the powers and prowess of the Red Bull Racing team last season. He admitted that some people may have misconstrued his comments but he simply wanted to state that it is extremely hard to take on a car that had the potential to come first and second in each and every race.

He admitted that this season, things are different and the German driver is ahead of the others in the pack because he does his job and is the best at it. And the Spaniard has vowed to take the fight to Sebastian Vettel, who is currently 34 points ahead of him, adding that as long as they are within touching distance, he will not give up on the title race and will push Vettel to the limit.

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