Daniel Ricciardo Condemns Vettel To Be Ruthless

Daniel Ricciardo Condemns Vettel To Be Ruthless

2014 has been a drastic year for Sebastian Vettel as initially he lost the streak to Lewis Hamilton in the championship, the great departure from his team itself and of course the team which bestowed him with four wins. Daniel his teammate however stated that all the cause of injury will boost his confidence to succeed.

Daniel also stated that the way he brings all the teammates close to himself is commendable. Whatever he demands he gets.

The difference between him and the other drivers is that all the rest want something or the other from their cars but he is ruthless, he pushes his boundaries in the vigour to excel. He is serious and at the same time he demands what he wants from his car.

He simply does not rest which is ruthless. From this month itself he started performing his duties with the team. According to Vettel, his first phase was like a fairy tale and he believes that these are not stories rather these are legends which does exist. He loves to be in the car. He is going to debut with Ferrari and his teammate Kimi Raikkonen in the Australian Grand Prix in 2015.

Christian Horner, the boss of Red Bull beckons the fact that Vettel is going to do well in 2015 season. The way he has endured all the struggles and come so far will add to his success. Daniel his teammate did defeat him this season. In the final season of Red Bull according to Horner, Vettel found it difficult to be comfortable with RB10. It was more of a character building year for him. It has been a year of bad lucks for him but he has got to keep them aside and work towards a better 2015. He has got the talent to challenge all.

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