25 thoughts on “F1 – 2011 Jerez tests – Sebastian Vettel on track & onboard (Red Bull RB7)

  1. @TheHelder1976 Sebastian said that their Red Bull cars produce lots and lots of downforce, so they are amazing when going through high-speed corners, cause they have so much downforce.

  2. F**ck you Vettel!!!!
    I hate you so much…. hope you die soon!!!!
    You’ve been created in labs, you’re not a God gifted man…. sorry!!!

    Ayrton Senna lives forever!!!

  3. amazing camera view at 9:53. Seriously some of the best in-car footage I have seen to date! Thanks for the share! 🙂

  4. If you noticed the letters of the tires, starting at the 05:56 minutes they say “Pirelli Pzero”, and seem to dance, both seem to be moving forward, than suddenly seem to go back. What effect funny.

  5. What is the secret behind the sucesse of this car? Aerodynamics? Mototr? Pilots? What?
    I remember back in the day, lotus were the fastest car, because of the aerodynamics, the skirt of the car, but in those Red Bull no one know´s!!!

  6. Gutted I can’t really find a reason to dislike Seb-and that as a Uk citizen I won’t be watching next year as we’ll only be getting a bit of coverage included in the telly tax-seriously pissed at having to pay a tax to the bbc atm-tw@s

  7. @ozmaan It looks like standard testing and tuning to me. These camera angles have been around for a lot longer than any game titles. These teams have jobs, and a company happening to make a video game based on their work has nothing to do with how they do their jobs.

  8. I love to watch the brandings on the tyres from the nose shot. The way the speed makes it look like the letters are stationary, and then going backwards and forwards is awesome.

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