25 thoughts on “F1 2011 – Sebastian Vettel explains KERS and adjustable rear wing rules (Red Bull)

  1. this is really helpful am get getting into f1 and bought codemasters f1 2011 and had no idea what they meant

  2. Not to mention the online game play also sucks… because the other cars randomly appear and disappear the whole time.

  3. This is the biggest bull shit game ever… or let me put it this way… it has the most bugs ever. The saved game gets corrupt every few races. And there’s still no fix from codemasters. F1 2010’s car details also seem smoother. And with all the realism mods, it’s way better than 2011.

  4. @Gurkensalatiser Well yeah ,but the weight limit was increased so that’s not much of a problem…Besides that Red Bulls KERS isn’t really the best.They’ve had a lot of trouble with it this season.They are so damn fast because of aerodynamics and the skill of the drivers…I think…:)

  5. They store break energy ? Sounds so weird to have a hybrid F1 car but does this boost value the additional weight ? The motor must be extremely tiny. If Red Bull wouldnt be so damn fast, I would have considered that as a joke.

  6. Does KERS reduce brake wear for the friction brakes like for road cars (which could reduce maintenance fees :], less brake pads changes)?

  7. Sebastian Vettel seems to be unbeatable in the Formula-1-season. Now Adrian Newey, chief technical officer of Red Bull, speaks about the success of the team. He talks about car design and his perfectionism. And he explains why a F1 car is an artwork, too. The “Red Bulletin” is sold at the kiosks beginning Tuesday, June 7th.
    For more information google „Red Bulletin 2011“

  8. @AccordGTR
    Good point, there is a well written article about KERS at – suite101.com/content/formula-one-is-kers-a-blessing. It goes into the advantages and disadvantages of KERS and links to some interesting BBC videos.

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