25 thoughts on “F1 2012 – Sebastian Vettel illegally overtakes at Interlagos FULL HD

  1. Nice and desperate Alonso Fans–Even Ferrari had a watch on this,like
    Alosnos tweeted shortly after the Race.And the Conclusion was….everything
    Great Display how clueless some Fans are about F1…

  2. This shit is tipical F1. Nothing to do with Alonso or Vettel. They do what
    they want at the time they want and this time it was to benefit RB. As when
    it was better to do it for Ferrari.

  3. Okay, Vettel haters. You talk about justice. Would it have been fair for
    Vettel being his time added in 20 seconds? I don’t think so. If it was
    illegal , Vettel should have had a Drive Trough. I agree there. But in case
    he had to do it, the race wouldn´t have changed. The safety car in lap 24
    (i think) would have reagruped the race, ad Seb would be 2 or 3 positions
    lower. Positions he would win easily. So pls, don´t cry more. It´s not good
    for you, not for us, not for f1, not for anybody. 

  4. Wow very cool … you’re a real CALCULATOR bro … too bad it happened the
    way it didn’t had to be :/

  5. why so much dislikes? i can see that vettel fans cant accept that their
    symbol at 2012 was the biggest cheater is whole f1 He cheated at the same
    track 2 times 1 he crashed into Bruno Senna and he didnt took penalty and 2
    this Fia said that it was a green flag there and they forgoted the lights
    where is the flag hmmm All car had yellow lights at this section.Fuck
    cheater vettel and RBR real 2012 champ is Alonso!!

  6. yh but the yellow light signifies a certain area which you are not
    permitted to overtake and he did not overtake him in the yellow flagged
    area (which was the end of the pit straight and the beginning of the
    straight leading up to chico de pato. Btw learn some facts before you post
    awful videos… they are not yellow lights on vettel’s steering wheel…
    they are the rev counters which tell him when to change gear. EDUCATE

  7. Alonso is better than Vettle, Vettle isnt the World champion, its her car
    noobs. Fuck Vettle fans

  8. it doesn’t mean anything because during YF u have to decrease throttle and
    slow down. Also if he has overtaken after the green flag he must slow down
    , but he was trying overtaking also before the green light. In the first
    left he suffered under wheeling because he gave throttle early. That means
    that he really didn’t want to slow down.

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