25 thoughts on “F1 2014 Monza GP – Daniel Ricciardo overtake Vettel

  1. A great battle!
    This was one of the best battles of the race.
    #f1 #italiangp #redbullracing 

  2. Current four time world champion who had 3 chassis changes who is currently
    being outclassed by a first year team mate.

  3. If there was ever any question of Ricciardo not being better than Vettel /
    Absolutely world class then there is confirmation. Fucking incredible

  4. All the talk of Ricciardo having newer tyres……..Ricciardo out foxed
    Vettle, simples

  5. Once again we see evidence of how Vettel turned out to be the luckiest F1
    driver in history. 4 times WC ONLY because he was driving a superior car
    that often was 2sec/lap faster than all other cars. Despite driving the
    superior car he won the 1:st and 3:rd time by pure luck.
    And after the first year with close racing with Webber he made sure Webber
    was out in the cold with minimum of resources which meant Webber suddenly
    was way behind Vettel. 9 laps fresher tires yes, but the dumnut is
    supposedly 4 time WC and get played by a in comparison rookie. And once
    again Vettel was ready to rather put his team mate in an accident then to
    let him pass. Everybody, including himself, know he never did deserve those
    WC titles.

  6. After Suzuka.Ricciardo Wins:3,Vettel Wins:0,Ricciardo P3,Vettel
    P5,Ricciardo>Vettel :-)

  7. Hard tyres (longer brake distance) + “flat” rear wings ( less “dirty” air)
    = epic battles!


  8. ol’Danny Boy sure has two fully inflated Rugby Balls in that nut sack.

  9. Sebastian Vettel says that he would prefer to have finished on P2 with
    Ricciardo on pole position instead of finishing on P8 ahead of him. thats
    from quali…..

  10. Anyone can win a WDC with the best car, literally any driver, this is the

  11. Ricciardo uses EVERY millimeter of track. Look at how once he overtakes
    vettel the edge of his wheel is on the grass.

  12. A great battle!
    This was one of the best battles of the race.
    #f1 #italiangp #redbullracing 

  13. Just goes to show that it was all car when Vettel won the championships,
    Riccardo has just shown us what Vettel is… nothing, without a superior

    Too bad Red Bull came up slightly short after the changes since last
    season, otherwise I could see Riccardo 1st in Drivers Championship.

    As it stands, Rosberg doesn’t deserve to be where he is either, he took out
    Hamilton last race, where Hamilton would most likely have won, cutting at
    least 7 out of the 9 he was behind, and then it would have been a
    completely different race at Monza, either way I pick Hamilton as the
    better driver, and the one who should take the Drivers Championship,
    barring any more retirements.

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