F1 Is A Crucial Sport: Vettel

F1 Is A Crucial Sport: Vettel

Champion for the last four years, German formula one car driver Sebastian Vettel, while heading for his home turf prix has said that the racing sport is crucial and tough. The 27 year old driver, before taking part in the German Grand Prix, has said: “Formula can be fun and exciting. I have experienced it. You have to depend on your car. It is obligatory and part of the sport.”

Vettel failed to finish three of the nine races recently as the dominant Mercedes has been surpassing the other cars even in practice. Vettel is presently at the 95 position much behind of Hamiltion, Ricciardo, Rosberg, but it seems that these problems don’t bother Vettel. While commenting on how he boosts himself irrespective difficulties, the German said “I often read out one quote to me which was said by my friend. “Forget the people around you. Remember the boy who races his car in go kart. Run for him.”

Vettel said that no matter what happens, he does not stop enjoying the game. “I love this sport. I love racing, the amount of satisfaction I get from being in the F1 circuit makes me smile.”

Vettel said that he has not given up winning another championship and would try his best to attain another major title. “There is still a chance. I need to improve on certain things. I believe, things can go better from here,” said the formula one racer. While commenting on the performance of his car, Vettel said that there is a huge gap between the Renault and the Mercedes car. “The gap is huge. Mercedes is in a very good position. They will win every race even if they want to. So it will be difficult to beat them. But we are hopeful too to give out best.”

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