24 thoughts on “F1 Malaysia gp 2013 – Vettel vs Mark Webber Batalla completa full battle

  1. complete rubbish. it’s no team sport and it will never be. in the end there will be only one winner. and its going to be Vettel.

  2. the deal was whoever came ahead of the last pitstop would go on u win the race,and THAT last pitstop was on THIS LAP. Mark came ahead few .10 of a second. and vettel ignored the deal and passed mark when he rejoined the grid. THAT was the teams issue, not about “turning the engine down and vettel overtaking half fast mark webber”.webber simply got outdrove.
    Learn the facts, stop preaching false speculation.

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  4. This video shows how full of BS Mark is, he’s just a sore loser. He couldn’t hold back Vettel and acts like he didn’t know he was in a race.

  5. fuckin retard. horner confirmed on bbc interview right after the race that both of them were on the same engine map hence the same power. Webber was only mad because vettel didnt give him an easy win. bueee bueee fuckin crybaby webber.

  6. you may have been raised as a driver on gt5, but vettel started driving his kart at the age of 3. other thing – it was said after the race that mark ran the same engine map, and name me one situation where mark actually did something for his team, or his teammate, please. he never supported vettel, so why should vettel let him win if he was clearly faster and the only championship contender in his team (mathematically not, but let’s be realistic)

  7. Bottom line is, there was a gentleman agreement, you acept the agreement, then you break it, so you’re no gentleman, is a kid, wich is what Vettel is…

    Webber had a 12 second lead over vettel in the last pitstop… He would easly had won the race if he didn’t “turn down” the engine

  8. “If you not racing for the gap, then you are not a racing driver” – ‘Ayrton Senna. Vettel has taken those words to heart, and is a pure racing driver, he races to win, not come 2nd, 3rd or 4th. Not even team orders can stop a true racing driver.
    Yeah Vettel’s ruthless, but that’s what will get him his 4th world title. that’s a Racing Driver.

  9. Ok if my friend steal money from a bum to be richer than me, I’m allowed to do the same… -_-
    And then what it has to do Alonso with this argument?
    I don’t understand, start with “bullshit.” and then answer with a bullshit…mah…

  10. bullshit. the moment webber realized Vettels plan, he could do the same. Simple enough, a real driver would have done that. Also Alonso would. Alonso is a teamplayer. as long he is the nr 1. We all saw that while being teamed up with hamilton and not being the nr 1. Dont blame a driver to force a victory

  11. Again: Deny -> offend -> repeat the same things.
    Facebook is a great social network, isn’t it Barrie?
    hahahahaha go to fap bro, goodbye!! xD

  12. There you go again making up false and nasty assertions when you have no idea what you are on about. You are just an immature little fool, go and play your childish games

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