20 thoughts on “F1 – Red Bull 2011 – Sebastian Vettel on track at Barcelona tests

  1. Go Vettel!! I wonder why are people complaining about Vettel’s dominance now. Didnt schumacher dominate the F1 scene for 7 years?

  2. Vettel is a true champion and deserves his wins but he is also the living proof that f1 needs to be redone all over. Of course that will never happen and unless a driver is a in a top team he won’t b able to shine as much as he can.

  3. im back on f1,, i hate ferrari domination,,, i was a fan since 1997 after villinueve won the championship,,,after he retired i sorta retired too… now renault has a better driver and im back again… yesss

  4. agghhhh god i had too stop watching half way through that on the wheel camera made me feel really sick.

  5. @ScuderiaPham24 I disagree, it’s very interesting to see so close to the drivers face, and the angle gives you an idea of how hard he’s trying

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