24 thoughts on “F1 Track Simulator – Sebastian Vettel at Barcelona

  1. @LordNelson87 No, YOU are in denial of your jeaslousy. Otherwise you wouldn’t be here trying to put him down. That’s what envious ppl do.

  2. @kaoruzinha

    jealous of an arrogant, car-wrecking sore loser? I think not! I hope Webber wins the drivers championship and really rubs it in Vettel’s face!

  3. jaahhhh f1 2010 für die ps3 kommt am 1 september freu mich da suba heftig drauf ^^

  4. the person who made this video guess what kind of people will see this…girls like me, who only think sebastian is so hot xd

  5. its a good think i speak fluent german. otherwise i wouldnt have been able to understand anything he was saying…oh wait

  6. @delidani Yes, it’s like an Aircraft Full Motion Simulator, there are some hydraulic “things” that move the cockpit, so they feel some forces.

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