25 thoughts on “F1 Track Simulator – Sebastian Vettel at circuit Interlagos

  1. I’ll hope that next year I could understand what he said cause next year I start my German language lessons. 😀

  2. @jakeZaks2012 The only thing you know about Germany is the WW2 stuff?
    Dude, that’s just so sad.

    You should stop prejudging people you don’t know…

  3. his German accent sounds weird, and I don’t even speak German. lol. Not the accent I’m used to hearing 😕

  4. They asked him to do it in English but, being the cunning debater that he is, he used the ancient debating technique, where he lies face down, beating the floor with his fists while kicking and screaming.

  5. im formel eins du solst english reden ,bitte ,,,its an international thing,, F1,,so talk english like all drivers do ,,this is disrespectful to audience all over the world

  6. @1LoveMr, it was a joke, but NOT that ignorant, as Germans, even decades after WW2 refused to accept the atrocities that were done in their name. Don’t worry, I attack America today and UK for their murderous foreign policy, as well as the people for remaining so ignorant.

    ww w markcurtis (dot) info

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