25 thoughts on “F1 Track Simulator Sebastian Vettel at Monte Carlo

  1. i wish he did this in english… i really dont want to listen to mark webber’s semi-bogan english (no offence)

  2. I like Seb. He is always happy to chat with Brundle and make jokes unlike Schumacher who in his heyday never spoke on the grid and thought he was above everybody. Seb has got a great SOH but in general i dont think he is well liked for some reason. However, in this clip he does sound a bit like a bond villan. I think seb comes across better and has more fun when hes speaking English.

  3. @londonas2 Vettel scored points in his first race and won in a Toro Rosso in his first full season, so he was far from the crapiest driver on the track. He wasn’t always the smartest guy out there, but he’s always been quick.

  4. i speak all of no german and yet i seem to know almost exactly what he is saying… god i watch too much f1 😛

  5. Leute, ich finde es gar nicht gut wenn deutschsprachige Videos einen englischen Titel haben. Ihr könnt ja weiter unten lesen was das alles provoziert.

  6. @epidemic95

    he never said anything about “heil hitler”…..
    when he would say this on the Tv, he could stop his carrer as Driver and you would never see him on the Tv again…

  7. How the fuck in the past five years vettel was the crapiest racer on the track and now he is winning races. It obvious he has a faster formula than anyone else that’s why he is winning

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