25 thoughts on “F1 Track Simulator – Sebastian Vettel at Silverstone

  1. they have not the new part of the circuit, so they show us the old simulator and when the new part beguins, they put an “off voice” piece. sorry my english

  2. i love the quick clicks for the gear changes! thats the manual flappy gearbox i want in my car! (in my dreams)

  3. @hotknight2000 That doesn’t matter Red Bull racing is based in UK, thus home GP is in the UK even though it’s a registered business in Austria as said.

  4. Ich glaube Sebastian meint mit Heimstrecke nicht, dass ihr Team eine Englische Lizens hätte (das Team hat ja die Österreichische Lizens)sondern, dass der Sitz der Red Bull Fabrik in Milton Keynes,also in England ist (:

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