25 thoughts on “F1 Track Simulator – Sebastian Vettel at Suzuka

  1. They have a great simulator!
    The hydraulic suspension system cockpit. 3D-stereoscopic image. And much more.

  2. Все такие умные, прям удивительно 😀
    Чего, Феттелю слабо на инглише, да? …Не верю!
    Кто ещё раз напишет “Марк Веббер” – тот дурак.

  3. Yeah! WORLD CHAMPION!!!! After 14 years (the last F1 championship that I celebrate was in `96 with Damon Hill) this kid bring me back all the love of watching F1 races!!! I love you Vettel!! Congratulations!!!
    Also… I want that simulator in my bedroom xD

  4. @2PlayMusik No that is when he is “in” the car. Look at just before 0:18. “Veir geraden, drei langsamme kurven” and there is a circle around turn one.

  5. Why do they say that the first corner is slow? After that he showed us that he took it at 300km/h in 7th gear.

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