25 thoughts on “F1 Track Simulator – Sebastian Vettel at Yas Marina Circuit

  1. Don’t share your strategies!! Don’t allow anybody to have an advantage against you next year!

  2. Enhorabuena Sebastian Vettel en mi nombre propio y en el de seventhgearf1 web a la que pertenezco. Una merecida victoria para todo un campeón.

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch Champion!! aus Spanien.

  3. Alonso didn’t crack because he was unlucky to be stuck behind both Petrov and Petrov’s Renault going all out. Vettel benefited from a great pit stop and Kobayashi’s ill-timed wobble, and then Vettel was able to cruise to victory with no one to slow him down or bother him from behind, which is a credit to the team, the car and the driver, all combined. Plus Vettel drove with a great combo of “maturity beyond his years,” supreme skill, and coolness under pressure. Toll!

  4. That is one well deserved championship in the bag. It was amazing to see Alonso and Mark crack under pressure and see Vettel get his head down and do what he needed to do. Brilliant race.

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