25 thoughts on “Fastest in F1? – Fernando Alonso Vs Sebastian Vettel – F1 2013

  1. Vettel is a 4 time world champion and Alonso is 2 time World Champion so if
    Alonso is better why is he a 2 time world champion.

    Sebastian Vettel is better.

  2. ALONSO IS THE BETTER DRIVER. He can get a podium in an uncompetitive car in
    2009 and 2008 in renault. Vettel has yet to prove himself in an
    uncompetitive car.

    Also, vettel’s most controversial drive is Malaysia 2013, turkey 2010 &
    brazil 2012.

  3. Sorry. ALONSO. You can’t compare vettel and alonso this way. If you put
    vettel’s points to the pre 2010 points, Alonso is still higher than vettel,
    by an even larger margin! No matter what, ALONSO IS THE BETTER DRIVER

  4. Alonso WC 2005 Ok , Alonso WC 2006 Not god becaus of illegal tyers so the
    True Champion of 2006 is M.Schumacher. Thata WHY i hate alonso

  5. Alonso by far. I believe Alonso in a Red Bull would be destructive. In the
    fastest car by a mile, Sebastian has just scraped through 2 of his
    championship, Alonso last year lost by 3 points in the final race in a car
    that was 1.6 seconds slower in the first race. Could you see Vettel doing
    that? Nope. Of course this is my opinion… But it’s pretty valid don’t you
    think? 😛

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