7 thoughts on “Formula 1 2011 – Red Bull Racing – Monaco – Sebastian Vettel und Jaime Alguersuari

  1. @m0rphinmadafaka those are filler words and are usually used by foreigners, you know, cuz that’s not their main language, you know, so they have to think of word that they’re gonna use. you know, like, im like thinking about stuff and like ur like totally laughing at me. and i was like whaaat? and you were like , looooool. and you know it’s old habits as well.

  2. you know…you know….you know…lol that was really funny,he just kept on saying you know in every sentence

  3. @Manos agreed…they only go up in career with their looks..while pilots with their effort and brains.

  4. Look at those girls I dont think they whould ever even stare at Vettel or any other driver if they werent so rich and popular!

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