25 thoughts on “Lewis Hamilton forced out at Singapore

  1. deserved to win the championship this year but the car & team let him down plus his teammates a friggin’ SNAKE!

  2. Lol, last place I expected to see ignorant reverse racism was on an F1 vid. Even though its stupidly common nowadays. Quit crying and acting like the world is against blacks, just makes you look pathetic and completely ignorant to anyone who actually goes outside and lives in the real world, you know, that place where blacks blame everyone else for their problems, and are openly racist more than anyone else (even on TV)?

  3. Typical response from a minion wing nut brain washed on recycled kool aid. Justified ?? Your an imbecile stealing oxygen from other worthwhile creatures. Lulu is a black false f1 driver, a nutcase much like yourself

  4. Nothing racist about my comment. its your delusional mind that sees racism just because we criticizer a black man. You know what your the racist!! Because for you its always about race and nothing else

  5. And your comment .. what was that an example of a modest well crafted response..  What an hypocrite…. You complain about my language but you responded in anger and in a hateful manner

  6. lewis is spoiled little brat you only thinks about himself!1 he is till racing in F1 because he is black…Do you understand!!! Free Speech fucker lap it up

  7. You suck! Do you think Lewis runs in Formula 1 because he is black? You’re a f*****g racist! Lewis is a great man and a great driver! So, shut up please!

  8. Fuck you because he is black he is allowed to race in f1, he is a bad f1 driver, no brains, spoiled little shit who needs to have everything his way. If Lulu was white he would of been thrown out of f1 the second year…

  9. The Coon won’t win another championship especially now that he’s gone to Mercedes! Go JB your a legend! The white man marches on!!!

  10. Sure its been mentioned in loads of f1 videos where accidents happen, even when hamilton has nothing to do with it! YOu dont believe me? Check out the US GP 2005! One of the top comments was “hamilton’s fault!” It’s only a joke like! It’s not like I’m cussing him! It’s just one of those days for Lewis! 🙂

  11. I think your find Jenson didn’t push Lewis out of the team, what’s the head2head this season in qualifying? Something like 12-2 to Lewis, still keep the jokes coming… End of the day Ratmarsh has wanted this to happen but he’ll be sacked soon…

  12. pffff … do you people really think mclaren is sabotaging their best chance to hit the constructors championship? … the guy had bad luck. Thats the way it is in motorsport. Its not just about driving skills, but the hability to handle mechanical incidents. BTW acousing people of racism is just stupid … how many KKK guys and deep nazi racists would change their life for Ham money and GF ? lol … its like saying: “you dont like will smith movies because he is black” lol

  13. You were right, he has left Mclaren and Laurel and Hardy (Whitmarsh and Button) even though Button is a pretty good driver, he has forced Lewis out of his own team.

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