Lewis Hamilton – Nico Rosberg rivalry good for Mercedes F1, says Toto Wolff

Lewis Hamilton – Nico Rosberg rivalry good for Mercedes F1, says Toto Wolff

Toto Wolff, the co-team boss of Formula One giants Mercedes F1 has claimed that he does not believe the intensity of the rivalry between the team’s two drivers, Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton will hurt the team’s chances of success.

Both the drivers are in contention for the Formula One Drivers’ Championship with the German leading the Englishman by a paltry eleven points and according to Wolff, the relationship has functioned very well until now.

On being asked whether a situation could arise where it would be difficult for the team to handle, Wolff said that it could but he doesn’t see that happening, at least not between these two drivers who are definitely competitive on the race track but are all in on the team’s cause off it.

Things could have gone out of hand at the Hungarian Grand Prix when Lewis Hamilton refused an order from the team to allow Rosberg to pass as he thought it would harm his chances of claiming the world title.

Wolff added that the two drivers push each other to the limit in a manner that would not hurt the team’s chances and that is something that should happen in all the Formula One teams. He also added that the rivalry could get even more heated with the business end of the season fast approaching.

However, Wolff believes that if the team can carry on in the same manner that they are doing now, it will only be between the two drivers to fight it out for the Formula One Drivers’’ Championship at the end of the season.

Wolff also added that the team would consider a rethink of their strategies after the controversy surrounding Lewis Hamilton at Hungary but it is still not certain whether the German team has already made a decision.

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