25 thoughts on “Malaysian Grand Prix F1 – Sebastian Vettel Interview – 24/03/13

  1. that’s mark’s and red bull’s problem. mark was racing vettel when vettel
    tried to pass. vettel is not entitled to listen to red bull when it comes
    to team orders. there is no team orders clause in his contract. he is the
    three times consecutive formula one world champion. red bull owes him. he
    does not owe red bull. vettel gave red bull their first pole and win. red
    bull racing did not give vettel his first pole and win.

  2. Why should he have to give an explination to mark sebastian is a RACE
    driver its what he does so hes gonna overtake his team mate if he wants to

  3. oh thank you for responding to a comment that was made over a month ago…
    really appreciate. firstly id like to just point out the amount of spelling
    errors in you ‘ill phrased response’, it just highlights your lack of
    intelligence. i.e in your second point you say “better racer the Webber”
    now i know you mean THEN but still that’s incorrect you should have meant
    ‘than’… just little things like that just prove that, like you ability to
    speak English, your response is floored.

  4. Webber ignored team orders during the 2011 British GP. Said he wasn’t happy
    with them, purposely ignored them and battled until the end. Where was
    Mark’s respect then? Seems a little disingenuous of Mark to go off on Seb
    the way he did.

  5. i am glad vettel did not stick to the rubbish plan. vettel would soon move
    to lotus and pair up with kimi. just watch.

  6. whether your glad or not i really don’t care and nobody else does either.
    it also has nothing to do with vettel’s actions.

  7. that’s not the point. if everyone stuck to the plan this wouldn’t have
    happened. if mark didn’t slow his pace down and was racing, he would’nt
    have lost time to vettel during the last pitstop and vettel wouldn’t have
    got into the DRS zone. the problem is mark trusted Red Bull and Sebastian.

  8. @Satyajit Ray i hope you don’t breed. you could hurt the future of humanity
    with your stupidity

  9. Vettel doesn’t care he will get his blow job from Helmut Marko to win at
    all cost even though Mark played by the orders and had his engine of fuel
    and tire saving mode.

  10. how poor from red bull to force vettel to apologize – he´s a way better
    driver than webber ever can dream to become to…

  11. i totally agree with you its bs that he is above mark, he is protected the
    team wont enforce any rulings on him as they never have, they treat mark
    like shit and vettel like a golden child…. it was marks win and
    unfortunately for vettel he has lost the respect of all drivers in the gp

  12. @JackWiz007 you clearly have no idea about morality, or caring about an
    order from a boss who can terminate your contract with them. not obeying
    orders can get you kicked out of the team. use your brain before you type

  13. He tried to get past before they told him to stay behind. Webber has never
    defied team orders.

  14. have you read vettel’s contract? he’s an employee of red bull. whether he
    listens to the is his choice. he will face no consequence because as you
    say, he’s won red bull driver’s championships. but doesn’t take away from
    the fact his act was underhanded. he attacked his teammate who had backed
    off already. webber did race him yes, but if the race was still on, vettel
    wouldn’t have made up the 4 sec before the final pit stop. webber had the
    pace on vettel this race.

  15. well, why are we arguing about drivers attitude? bla bla bla, this is n0t a
    character enrichment class, this is formula 1! They are bred to fight for
    every gap and every driver here has a kid inside them that hated losing.
    The only thing i hated is how politics govern f1 these days. It just cuts
    the excitement.

  16. Don’t get me wrong I admire Webber and rate him as high as the other
    champions, but seriously, the minute Webber turned down his engine and
    presupposed he would win, he stopped being a racing driver for a while. If
    you take out your win in advance and start to relax and stop trying, then
    you have to blame yourself if you lose. This is racing, not kindergarden
    where everybody have to be nice to each other. I’m so amused from how
    people out of a sudden starts to defend team orders…

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