Rivals encouraged booing of Sebastian Vettel

Rivals encouraged booing of Sebastian Vettel

Red Bull Racing boss Christian Horner has stated that the rivals of his team’s world champion Sebastian Vettel encouraged fans in jeering the four time drivers’ world champion.

The 26 year old German has been heckled by fans at several venues at this season’s Formula 1 races, and more so after he opened up a solid lead at the top of the standings that ensured that he would almost certainly become the world champion barring a huge miracle.

There are also claims that the German driver’s refusals to carry out the team’s orders of not passing his team mate Mark Webber during the Malaysian Grand Prix earlier in the season as well as his total dominance are the main reasons that the boo boys have been on his back since then.

And according to Horner, the situation is difficult for Sebastian Vettel to handle, adding that although he has not betrayed it, he has certainly felt it apart from not understanding it completely.

Webber was leading after the last of their pit stops at the Malaysian Grand Prix and the team instructed Vettel not to pass him but the German went on to ignore those orders and went passed the Australian after a long tussle with thirteen laps of the race to go. And although he later apologized for the event, many believe that Red Bull Racing’s reluctance to pull him up for it was something that forced the hand of Webber, leading him to leave Formula 1 at the end of the season.

Horner stated that it has been convenient for the rivals of Sebastian Vettel when he is booed, whether Fernando Alonso throws his hat into the crowd to get a reaction when he is talking to get a reaction is something that Christian Horner cited as well.

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