Sebastian Has Taken Up A Huge Chance

Sebastian Has Taken Up A Huge Chance

Sergio Marchionne the president of Ferrari has admitted that it will prove to be a big gamble for Sebastian Vettel as he has taken the decision of moving to Maranello the next year. Vettel will be leaving Red Bull officially with the end of this year.

Red Bull has not only funded his career as a junior, it has also given him a break in the Formula one races and also delivered him four world titles. Marchionne has praises for the faith of his new driver and also desires to turn it around completely.

He said that he doesn’t believe that Sergio is naïve as he knows the level of performance they give but this time the team is dealing with the power of Ferrari. It is believed to attract the people solely on the basis of its potential. Their job for the year 2015 is to set free the potential and it is not only Vettel’s gamble. They are a part of it too as they have to reconstruct the whole team and grow it. Along with Maurizio, they have taken up the work of giving the team a guarantee and make very clear decisions as well as believe in the people who constitute the team.

Arrivabene said that Vettel is supposed to bring with him the experience as he has won four world titles. He is also supposed to bring some enthusiasm so that they can all work together. Just like them, he also wants to make Scuderia grow and that even though the drivers are supposed to be luxury employees, they still are the employees. So, they are bound to work together with the rest of them to build the team. He believes Sebastian to be perfect for the job as he is on very good terms with Kimi.

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