25 thoughts on “Sebastian Vettel after his first F1 test

  1. @eyelesskiller8 :-)))))))))) That’s got to be some of the funniest stuff
    ever. I have to kick someone in the head and then tell them that it’s like
    being a Formula One driver. Amazing… :-))))))))))

  2. @Kulverint yea and thats why hakkinen became 2 times worldchampion… sure
    that was coulthards work too oO it was Vettels work if u see what happened
    when he came to red bull. webber tried 2-3 years to improve the car but he
    wasnt able to.

  3. @ThePeople1998 That’s unfair to Webber. The driver cannot give any feedback
    until they’ve driven the car in an actual race. And the first update to
    that car came in Monaco. Hardly the work of some feedback given in

  4. he basicly said fuck you to all of the other drivers this year lool 15 pole
    polstions 11 wins just amazing

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