24 thoughts on “Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso F1 2012 Brazil Qualifying Q3 Comparison

  1. You must be the maddest person on youtube. Saying you want to punch me in the face and stuff, not nice. I think you need to practice on your “I’m a grown up and call other ppl on youtube kid when I myself am one but I want people to think I’m not”.

  2. Fact is red bull’s car is better than the ferrari’s. If vettel is such a good driver, how comes he hasn’t absolutely destroyed alonso in a much better car? Fernando has had a massive disadvantage when compared to red bull. Don’t get me wrong, vettel is still a good driver, but in 2010, alonso got within four points of vettel in a worse car, and in 2012, alonso got within three points, yet again in a far worse ferrari.

  3. He is the best and everyone knows…Vettel win because the redbull is a fucking rocket,Fact.

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  5. No redbull on the other hand have one of the smallest budgets in F1… Oh Wait. Bo back to believing a guy who was out qualified by webber 9 times last season and only started winning when the team designed the car to his liking is somehow the best.

  6. Team bosses named Vettel 2009 2011 best driver and Autosport gave him the best driver award on 2010 2011 2012. I love how you justify about a guy who hasn´t won any championship since 2006 driving in Mclaren and Ferrari, 2 best costworths ever.

  7. I love how all the vettel supporters need to justify how good he is. Shouldn’t 3wdc speak for itself? The fact that it doesn’t and many including those inside the paddock don’t rate him as the best is quite telling. The fact that team bosses named alonso best driver in 2012 by a wide margin is also telling but hey what do we know, we are just fanboys.

  8. I love the fact how everyone try to find reasons for Vettels 3 times WC’s. “BEcause he got the best car QQ cry QQ”. So Alonsos LAST WC title was in the best car (Renault) too. So does that mean Alonso can only win WCs in the best car too? And Alonso was outstanding? i remember like 4 Races at the end of 2012 without Massa being a Teamplayer, Massa would have finished infront of Alonso. You guys are just Fanboys. Massa for WC 2013. Comes from a German. Im out.

  9. life is full of what if’s. I agree with what your saying, Alonso was the stand out driver last year. But he is not the WC, end of happy story 😉

  10. well even with a bad car alonso led the first half of the year with a forty point lead and if it wasnt for grosjean he would have been a triple wdc

  11. JAJAJA, go home! Launch control?? I would better say good reflexes and a big pair of balls. RedBull are cheaters, and that’s known by everyone. They should have been disqualyfied many times, but as some of us know, the FIA does what it wants since times of Senna-Prost. Do you remember? Or where you still in your father’s balls?

  12. Lol shut up, Ferrari and McLaren all had illegal components on their cars this year, it’s just the FIA attacked Red Bull harder than any other team. McLaren got away with rotary wings for half the season until Red Bull copied it and then dominated them! We will also see how fantastic Alonso’s starts are in the future when they finally ban that launch control device they still have in that car since 2010! Ferrari cheat more than RBR that’s a known fact as they only copy what Ferrari do, FACT!

  13. Because illegal brake ducts, illegal engine maps and holes in the cars floor werent illegal. Oh yeah, they were banned after being used because they were illegal. Which means at least 3 races RB shouldve been disqualified from last year. No big deal though, they’ve had to cheat for the past years anyway, everyone knows that.

  14. everyone makes mistakes, just admit it, no big deal. people are too scared to be wrong on YT, normally they get insulted. Its friggin ridiculous

  15. steering senstivity? you think this is like a first person shooter game?

    btw my mouse sens for cs 1.6 is 2.6
    w/ 400 dpi and 6/11 windows

  16. such a bs car ALonso had, hopefully his 2013 car will be much stronger

    He freaking had to litteraly turn his wheel 360 degrees upside down to make a proper left hand turn. So much understeer in that car, only wants to go straight

  17. totally agreed, if alonso would of turned his steering wheel anymore to his left, he would of broke it

  18. Hi everybody!! My name is aerodynamic and i present you the bend speed! Who had thought Vettel is better than Alonso after seen this video is stupid!

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