Sebastian Vettel And Pirelli

Sebastian Vettel And Pirelli

The F1 drivers are not only the faces of their teams on the track, but the ones who help introduce new parts and components in racing cars and help companies model accessories for automobiles that make a difference on the tracks.

One such recent instance could be cited about Sebastian Vettel. Pirelli has launched wider tyres that are being tried out by this celebrated driver for the upcoming race events. The tyres that are being launched by Pirelli offer certain advantages for the mud covered tracks that would be marred and made slippery by the rains. For these track conditions the company has come up with a wider tyre design.

Pirelli has sought out Vettel’s help in testing out the new tyres. These are being designed to comply with the changed rules of F1 that would become applicable from 2017.

The first look at the tire sizes was obtained on the tracks when Sebestian kick-started the development program of the company at Fiorano. This took place in the last week of July before the industry shut down for their summer break. The tires have certain features that make them distinct from older forms. They are wider by 25 percent. The down force levels are higher which help create aerodynamics of a different level. FIA and other technical teams were consulted by Pirelli in order to develop the tires and the testing schedule for the same. Most F1 companies have started off with the introduction of wider tires as per the new regulations that would be coming into force. The cars would be hybrid and would have revised suspension. The extra down force would help accommodate the loadings next year. Vettel did laps for shakedown with the mule car in order to focus on wet track running where the track was artificially soaked.

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