Sebastian Vettel Considered Leaving F1 According To Red Bull Principal

Sebastian Vettel Considered Leaving F1 According To Red Bull Principal

The 2014 season was a very bad one for the German professional formula one racing car driver, the 27 year old Sebastian Vettel. Christian Horner, who is the principal of the Red Bull team, has said that Vettel even considered leaving formula one racing at one point during that season.

The regulations that came in effect during the 2014 season made racing difficult for the German driver. The aforementioned fact is very well known. Daniel Ricciardo was included in the red bull team in that season and often Vettel and Ricciardo’s prowess were compared.

Vettel was even regarded as an inferior rider than Ricciardo and this, obviously was very frustrating for the German. Vettel was very troubled during the 2014 season. At one point during the last season, Vettel was considering two choices, whether to continue or to leave, according to Horner. He also added that Vettel was not at all happy with the Formula One imposing the new rules.

The four seasons before the 2014 season were successful ones for the German Driver. Horner also said that Vettel also liked it very much to race in his previous car. After new rules were enforced, Vettel’s condition was similar to a kid whose favourite toy has been taken according to Horner. He also said that Vettel required some time to get accustomed to the new rules and that was the time when he got very annoyed with Formula One. Horner said that Vettel was not displeased with his team at all rather he was annoyed at formula one. This feeling of his is also known as he always voices his opinions frankly. But in spite of the hard time he was having last year, Vettel decided to continue and get accustomed to his new car. Though his 2014 season with Red Bull was a tough one, this year is going to be even more challenging for him because this year he will have to learn how to be an excellent Ferrari driver.

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