25 thoughts on “Sebastian Vettel explains 2009 F1 rule changes

  1. the new cars (since 2009) have just made this so called “sport” a joke. I mean, cmon:

    1998-2008 had epic designed cars
    1989-2005 had good 3.0-3.5 litre engines, mostly V10s and some V12s
    The only bad thing was that the 98-08 cars didnt have slicks!

    Seriously, F.I.A. We dont care about your wish to get cars greener and more ugly, get the good times back FFS!!!!

  2. if think this suck wait until 2014, the cars will have turbocharged V6’s f1 is complete bullshit now a days.

  3. I was a big fan of formula one, until this year 2009 … Red Bull? what is it? This change only makes the rules that everyone who loves F1 stop loving

  4. Vettel is basically dominating this year’s season, I stopped watching the races this year after the 3rd race, it’s boring and repetetive now that hardly anyone can pass and all the cars are spec’d much the same.

    Long time F1 fan since 1979, oh well everything must come to an end.

  5. Im still much more for the 1998-2005 cars with V10!

    I also think the narrow new Rear wing makes the cars look UGLY AS SHIT!

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