Sebastian Vettel set to challenge Lewis Hamilton’s F1 title

Sebastian Vettel set to challenge Lewis Hamilton’s F1 title

Sebastian Vettel, the 4 time Formula One champion, snatched a great win, which is his 40th win, last time out in Malaysia to put the brake on dominating title holder Hammy as well as runner-up Rosberg – and now Ferrari’s #25 million per year capture is hellbent on stopping a 2nd successive championship haul by Silver Arrows twosome.

Hamilton, who had a wary eye on Ferrari, told that they have they have a huge improvement. They have overtaken your Red Bull, they are progressing and he believes that they are going to have to see them really closely. It is really very nice to see them back but Seb’s victory in Malaysia was not so much a kick as a strong pinch. And they now know that they have a race on their hands.

In the other hand, Nico Rosberg loved the revitalized he challenge too. He told that if Seb closes the gap on them it woud be great for Formula One. It is Game On.

Meanwhile, former F1 driver David Coulthard told that Lewis Hamilton would again be the championship favorite, but Mercedes would not be dominant this season.Sebastian Vettel’s win for Ferrari in Malaysian Grand Prix took the Formula One world by surprise and David feels the German would have an outside scope of claiming his 5th drivers’ title.

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