Sebastian Vettel Talks About Crash Incident In Chinese Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel Talks About Crash Incident In Chinese Grand Prix

The Chinese Grand Prix was not without incident for Sebastian Vettel.

The clash with Daniil Kvyat that occurred on the first lap is being rumored to be many things. However, Sebastian feels that it was an outcome of the race and nothing more. Vettel was initially furious with his opponent Kvyat. Due to the latter driving down the inside around the first corner of the Shanghai track, Vettel was unable to go ahead. As a result, Vettel took the stance of avoiding action and he instead hit on Kimi Raikkonen who was his team mate in the Ferrari team.

The clash made him furious at that time and he did vet it out on Kvyat. However, today Vettel states that it is an incident that is normal in races and at the end it boils down to just that. For Kvyat it was probably the best line to take though it ended up not being great for Kimi and me. He stated that emotions run high when you are racing. Hence, it was natural for him to react though Kvyat probably did not anticipate the effect his action would have on the others

Vettel is surprised to hear that many are still talking about the incident. The incident had taken place about two weeks ago, and hence that it is still a topic being discussed has surprised Vettel. He stated that whatever he said was due to the emotions that arose at that moment. He was oblivious to that fact that it was on camera, but that does not change anything. He would not want to change anything as reactions are natural when crashes happen on the racing tracks. However, he did appear to have regretted coming down hard on Kvyat as they are good friends off the track.

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