25 thoughts on “Sebastian Vettel World Champion 2012 – Podium Ceremony | F1 Brazil 2012

  1. What coudl we say ? Probably the worst moment of my supporting carreer with
    Dubaï 2010

  2. then skip valencia too. cmon all about some luck at that sport. like 2008
    with felipe. its over

  3. yeah the renault team told piquet to crash, the safety car came out alonso
    pitted and later won the race… rosberg was in 2nd at that time and
    without the cheating he would’ve won

  4. How is his team mate’s success in races conducive to Sebastian being
    unworthy of the title? Fernando’s fucking lucky he has such a generous,
    selfless team mate. Webber wouldn’t sacrifice himself like that for Seb
    unless the team absolutely demanded it. Seb had worse luck than Alonso –
    his car was unreliable (Valencia and Monza?) the team let him down with the
    fuel issue at Abu Dhabi and he was consistently in the points when the car
    was shit for the first half of the year.Open your eyes mate.

  5. Are you serious? Lets have a look. Webber had a red bull. He is 6th. Massa
    in Ferrari 7th. Plus Massa would likely have finished better had he not
    been made to serve Alonso all season. The cars are near perfectly equal.

  6. Tell me about it. Everyone in F1 – from Bernie to Niki Lauda etc – who
    knows Vettel can’t praise him enough. Funny how the only people bitching
    about him as a person and his talents are the Hamilton and Alonso fans.
    Call themselves fans of the sport yet they can’t see talent before their
    eyes. Agreed – if Alonso wanted to get past Petrov, he should have fucking
    done it. Isn’t he meant to be a racer?

  7. i like ferrari but vettel made F1 way more funny !!him and alonso are the
    best drivers !!

  8. I think very highly of Vettel and Alonso and Hamilton too, because they are
    three of the all-time greatest, racing each other at the same time and each
    have a different style and character which is great for the sport.

  9. this year alonso gona win ,, champione del mundo 2013 ,,, forza ferrari ,,,
    forza alanso forza massa

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