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Defending world champ Sebastian Vettel waits to have a less clouded understanding of the new RB8 car with what he will start to defend his double champion crown when his team fits a huge update box to a brand new chassis for his team-mate Mark Webber to drive on Saturday at Barcelona.

In the midst of speculation that many new teams will place the final upgrades on their cars before the season opener Australian Grand Prix at Albert Park in Melbourne in almost two weeks time. Sebastian Vettel asserted that it would be tough to properly fix the pecking order before the season opener race.

He told that their team has some brand bits for the next 2 days and then they will come to know a little bit more. All are slightly in the similar situation. Generally, the last few days of testing are slightly important because teams bring few new bits and the car comes closer to what one will race at the very first race. Therefore, Red Bull Racing will see if that comes true. He is hopeful that their team can take another tiny step ahead and then everything must be okay. Red Bull will know their car more in Australia.

On Friday, the defending champ lived a fractured day’s running and was pushed to stop on racing track for an unidentified error, but told that he is quite happy with the progress after finishing 3rd in times, around 0.7s off Romain Grosjean’s pace.
Vettel told that it was a messy day for as far as finding rhythm is concerned because they had a lot of red flags, but they did not have any problem. He further added that it is nice to have another day today and he had another on Sunday and this gives a good feeling. He is feeling nice that he will race in two weeks time  and Vettel cannot wait to have a go down under.