Vettel Chooses 5

Vettel Chooses 5

Sebastian Vettel has officially chosen number five as his permanent racing number on Friday. From 2014 there will be new rules and regulations and one of the rules say that a driver will have to have a permanent racing number from now on and that will be any number in between 2 and 99.

The driver will not be able to change the number he chooses for the rest of his career. The International Automobile Federation better known as the FIA recently published the list for all the drivers who have chosen their respective numbers for their cars. Pastor Maldonado the driver from Venezuela has chosen number 13 for his car. 13 have been considered as an unlucky number in many countries and that may be a reason why none of the drivers have ever selected this number for their car. In fact 13 have not yet been used in F1 history.

Jenson Button of McLaren has chosen number 22 which he thinks is lucky because he won the championship in 2009 with that number. When asked about his decision he said that it was an easy decision and he would like to win the championship again with that number. The list that was published had had some surprises and it was very interesting to see the reaction of the fans for their respective teams and drivers.

Fernando Alonso of Ferrari chose number 14 because he thinks it is lucky for him since at the age of 14 he won the karting title and the date was 14th July. So he has some childhood memories and reasons for choosing 14 as his number. He also added that he is a big fan of Real Madrid, the soccer club and his favorite player Xabi Alonso plays in that team and his jersey number is also 14. Hence he has taken that decision.

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