After a marvelous win for the Red Bull F1 team, Sebastian Vettel appeared relieved on the Bahrain GP race podium with a time of 01:35:10. Lotus took both second and third position with Finland’s Kimi Raikkonen and team mate Romain Grosjean respectively.  Mark Webber grabbed the fourth position with the second Red Bull in the circuit. However, in spite of the grand first pole of the season, Vettle, the youngest-ever former World Drivers’ championship runner-up star, made it amply clear that he and his team are not going to take nothing for granted in the Formula One championship this year.

The 24-year-old German winner, back-to-back world champion explained as to how;

“So many small things can make a big difference, especially in qualifying, and also they can have a big impact in the race.”

The lack of confidence here is only justifiable with the unpredictable results that appeared for the first time in 29 years which have produced four different drivers on the top of the list for all four events. A consequence of what critics had to infer, was the poor durability and consistency levels of the 2012 Pirelli tyres.

However four different results obviously suggest a nail-biting thrill for the viewers now!

Though seven-time champion German Michael Schumacher has criticised Pirelli
Vettel and Red Bull are reluctant to be linked to the arguments over the tyres this early in the season, especially right after their single pole on the fourth event held. Sebastian believes that one of the factors that can help his team’s condition will be in tyre management in cooler and more variable conditions and thus improving chances of Red Bulls in qualifying. He and his team are heading towards Italy for a test session at Mugello, as it’s the first time F1 has permitted any testing since 2008, especially in an on going season.

“I hope we can get the car in a happier place!” said the Red Bull racer.

Red Bulls need to prepare buckle up for the next European race, against rivals such as Mercedes and Ferrari to retail the world champion title, which is to be held on May 13, the Spanish Grand Prix at Barcelona.

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